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About Adam

My roots in Norfolk County, Ontario, are a cherished part of my identity, where I developed a real sense of community and learned to understand the value of long-standing relationships. Since 2014, I've become an active member of the Hamilton tech scene, working with various companies, organizing and volunteering at tech events, and contributing to our local software community.

My career has touched various fields — from municipal government to ed-tech, marketing agencies to manufacturing. Transitioning from a coder to a problem-solver, I now excel at providing end-to-end solutions that benefit both businesses and users.

I value clear communication, long-term partnerships, and delivering quality work. My approach focuses on creating technically sound and impactful solutions. By developing digital tools that solve real-world problems, I aim to promote growth and prepare my clients for a digital, scalable future.

Outside work, I enjoy photography, traveling, and watching a good film.

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“One of the qualities that sets Adam apart is his commitment to quality and attention to detail… This dedication to excellence has had a significant positive impact on our projects, leading to fewer issues and faster development cycles.”

Brett Slaght
Brett Slaght
Director of IT